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Strategic Media Outreach & Campaigns

Strategic Media Outreach Campaigns 

Is there something about your book or the story behind it that the whole world should know about? Let us be the ones to get your unique story into the right hands.

We know that you are passionate about your writing (if you weren’t you wouldn’t be reading this) and we want to be your greatest champion. If you can convince us that your story is amazing, then we can convince everyone else.

We work with authors all over the world from all types of publishing backgrounds. If we believe in your story will work with you—whether you’re an author that is published by one of the “big 5” publishers or if you are indie or self-published.

Do Good PR Group takes our clients’ stories and finds the right hook to match it with the right media outlet for maximum exposure. We don’t just send out mass press releases and hope something sticks. Instead, we spend time reading and getting to know you and your work and also researching what media outlets are the perfect fit to cover your story. We make sure that we get your story into the right hands to create awareness and ultimately drive sales.


What Do Typical Author/ Book Campaigns Consist of?

Most of our campaigns have an average active run time of about 4-6 months.

During this time most of our clients elect to take advantage of services such as:

  • Press Releases and Media Alerts
  • Launch Events
  • Strategic Media Outreach
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Strategic Event Collaboration
  • Video, trailer, and Marketing Material Production
  • Professional Author Photos
  • Author Websites


Book and Author Platform Building 

Have you recently published a book but haven’t gotten the sales that you expected? Is your publishing date approaching and you’re looking to build more excitement and buzz? Do you need reviews for you book that will connect with your target reader?

Publishing a book is only the first step to success. We put your book into the hands of the right reviewers that have your target following. We build your author platform, promote your work, get the hype going and people excited to read your labor of love.

Are you an expert looking to share your expert knowledge with other platforms that have high visibility? Do you think you can contribute your knowledge to a well-known magazine, newspaper or blog?

We can help you craft original articles about topics that relate your expertise and make it relevant to today’s reader.