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We come from humble beginnings here at Do Good PR Group & Publishing…

We know that there are many stories that need to be told and that is what we have set forth to do with our publishing imprint. Our mission is to give a voice to those that aren’t being heard and give back to the world at the same time.

At Do Good Publishing we are dedicated to serving a diverse audience and increasing awareness of some of the unspoken issues that are or were prevalent in society. Our books serve a larger purpose than to solely entertain. The books we publish and the authors that we work with are making a difference in the world one book at a time with unique stories and backgrounds, introducing readers to topics that they would otherwise be unaware or unfamiliar with. We promote and foster understanding between cultures, sexes, identities and issues through great literature and a true passion to make the world more understanding and empathetic to one another’s plight.

If you have a unique story either of your own or within the words you’ve written, contact us for more information on submissions.

We look forward to working with you and getting your story out. Until then, keep writing and keep making a difference, because it matters.