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How Do Good PR Group Can Help You

We know the publishing industry is in constant motion with things always changing and evolving. What this means for an author is that you and your book might need that extra push to get to the top. 

We have worked with many publishing houses, from indies to the the top 5, and provided their authors with public relation campaigns that were tailored, effective, and exceeded their expectations.

We also work in tandem with many publishing houses and their in-house publicists to garner the most media coverage. We work as a team to do what is best for the author and their book generating awareness, reader engagement and ultimately sales. 

Many authors are now choosing to self-publish and we understand the added hurdles that they face as a self-published author. We have guided many self-published authors along the right path for media exposure, connecting their book with the right audience, and driving sales.

When it comes to authors, their work and their publishers there is no “one size fits all” campaign. To be successful you need to have a creative and driven publicist that believes in your work and is willing to do everything it takes to push you to the next level.